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Monday, April 11, 2011

Quick Final Impressions: Mario Tennis

This is really nothing more than a basic tennis game presented in the Virtual Boy’s 3D style with Mario characters, but I find it to be a very fun and relaxing tennis game. I played through a 1 set match tournament on normal difficulty with each one of the seven characters.

I completely lost track of time while I was playing but I used the Virtual Boy for several hours. Upon taking it off, I felt a very unsettling sensation which I can only describe as it felt like my eyes were melting. No headaches or nausea though!


  1. Melting? That can't be good!
    I have always wanted to try a VB though just as long as my eyes don't melt out of their sockets.

  2. They're worth trying, especially if you can get your hands on Wario Land. I recommend keeping on the function that tells you to take a break every fifteen minutes or so, because it allows your eyes to rest every so often.

  3. Its certainly on my to buy list. Sadly it was never released in Australia so that makes it a bit more hard. At least I only have to worry about converting the power supply and not the AV.

  4. I never knew it wasn't released in Australia. I've heard game prices can be pretty high over there. Do retro prices tend to be higher there as well?

    The Virtual Boys seem to be getting harder to find in the states lately, but I I think you can get a complete nice condition one for about 100 USD around the internets fairly easily. Of course shipping could be pretty bad.

  5. Oh yeah game prices for brand new are just stupid. You can pay up to $110 for a new game. Considering it would be $60 in the states and the exchange rates are on par now, its just BS. Luckily I play a lot of PS3 and of course they're not region coded so I can import for overseas.
    Luckily though retro games seem to be at okay prices and I can usually buy from the UK anyway because they share the same region coding as us (and they are almost certainly cheaper).